Victor Galaz – Systems thinking as a method

Victor Galaz

Stockholm Resilience Centre

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“Connection means synergy. It’s never too late. Quantum social change is possible.”

Victor Galaz explains the planetary boundaries model, and how exceeding these boundaries will affect us. He is emphasising how the effect of the changing climate will bring rising inequalities. Today for some of the world population the future is already here and they are living in the consequences of global warming, with 1,5 degrees of warming. In his talk Victor is stressing the fact that we are in great urgency, and all possible changes are important, we need to make everything we can to make a difference. Every tenth of a degree that is obstructed will save lives. 

The nine planetary boundaries is a framework created by the Stockholm Resilience Centre to establish the area in which humanity can continue to thrive and develop while still maintaining a stable and resilient Earth system. Crossing these boundaries could mean irreversible environmental changes, for example waking the “sleeping giants”; being the CO2-emissions from shovelling the trees of the Amazon. We are already overshooting these boundaries, however, that overshoot is not equally distributed. Climate inequality in Sweden for example involves housing, access to green areas and health care, and working conditions.

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