Tega Brain – The environment is not a system

Tega Brain

Artist and Environmental Engineer

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“It can be dangerous to assume that more data just equals more reality.”

"Can AI open up new possibilities for thinking about intelligence and automation?" Could machine learning help us deal with vast amounts of data beyond human comprehension? Can these techniques produce a more robust representation of reality free of human judgement? Assistant professor at NYU, Artist and Environmental Engineer Tega Brain posed these crucial inquiries during The Conference 2022. 

Tega explored critical questions about the new approaches to environmental management that incorporate artificial intelligence. She stresses the dilemma of data-driven methods and planetary computing in addressing the climate crisis, exploring a range of case studies where data-driven methods have fallen short of their grand promises. Tega Brain shares some of her own projects to visualise these shortcomings in AI systems and reimagines alternatives for better understanding our changing climate.

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