What is a good life?

Carolyn Steel

Author of Sitopia & Hungry City

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“By the age of 25 there’s no atom in your body that you were born with. It’s all food. So some of us are just pot noodles.”

Carolyn Steel is of the belief that we live in a world shaped by food and everything ultimately comes back to food. She takes us on a journey back through time, looking at how humans used to interact with food in the days of hunting and gathering all the way through to our relationship with food today. Looking at industrialisation and its promises to solve the problem of how to live, Carolyn questions whether our ideas of progress when it comes to food can truly be seen as progress. She encourages us to see food as a starting point for imagining a good life. 

How could we change our collective approaches to food to value it and see it as something that brings us pleasure rather than an inconvenience and something that needs a quick fix in the age of busyness? Carolyn looks at what we could learn from the times of the hunter gatherer lifestyle and how we could better align ourselves with the natural cycles of the planet to create better lives for everyone.

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