Simone Rebaudengo – (Artificial) Intelligence

Simone Rebaudengo

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“Is 65% spoon-ness a spoon?”

“Something truly smart might rather do something unexpected.”

Simone Rebaudengo is exploring the way we are living and interacting with networked and autonomous things. In this talk he is showing us some of those experiments and explorations, challenging the mainstream perception of AI. He is humourising and democratising the understanding of, and relations to artificial (or other) intelligences., or “The other intelligences operation” explore different kinds of intelligences. What is AI? Is it talking cylinders? What else? Is it possible to co-design a product together with an AI from scratch? Is there maybe something to learn in trying to create an object in the hardest way possible? By putting together AI and craftsmen with artisanal intelligence and exploring a continuous back and forth between human and machine, you start to get interesting results - things that no human would have designed themselves. How do we live with other intelligences? What if there is an actual ecosystem of intelligences, of connectivities. Can an object have an intelligence, a history, a future? Instead of focusing on the artificial, autonomous and anthropomorphic, we could rather look at artisanal, augmenting, adapting, acceptable (and many other) intelligences.

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