Saskia Sassen - Owning The City

Saskia Sassen

Columbia University

From The Conference September 04, 2017

"The stronger the light and the stronger explanation, the lesser you can see around it and whats happening."

Sociology Professor Saskia Sassen of Colombia University talks about how complex systems transforms society radically, but rather invisible by shifting capacities over time. Saskia focus on finance, the underlying steam engine that defines our epoch. She claims that the ownership of the city got trapped in real estate deals and concentrated power and wealth, which led to symptoms such as the election of Donald Trump as president. 

Yet the city is a place where those without power can get to make history. Today digital is infrastructure, the question is how is it used and how it matters for equity, democracy, and rights? Saskia Sassen encourages people to find a simple DNA code that will enable to scale positive impact.

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