Jenny Odell - How to do nothing

Jenny Odell

Visual Artist

From The Conference September 04, 2017

"Doing nothing is not a luxury, it’s a ground for meaningful thoughts."

Digital artist and collector Jenny Odell talks about how work life shifted from an 8 hour workday into an always on approach. In this opening keynote, visual artist Jenny Odell will explore the architecture, politics, and rewards of nothing, arguing that the cultivation of nothing has new salience in the age of everything.

She wants us to reclaim the public spaces such as parks and libraries for personal reflection and restoration. Jenny believes time and places for the practice and art of doing nothing are crucial to uncover underlying problems and to understand yourself. She regularly spends time in a nearby rosegarden for observational activities such as bird watching and doing nothing to discover what unfolds from her inner journey and peace in mind. 

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