Penny Rafferty – Get together with Web3

Penny Rafferty

Writer, Critic and Visual Theorist

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“What are the manifestos that we want to live under?”

Penny Rafferty believes that technology should be social, collaborative, and emergent, prioritising culture over structures. She has been applying DAO thinking to issues in the art world in Berlin since 2018. This led to the emergence of the Black Swan DAO which has the goal of channelling resources from established institutions to cultural practitioners. In the context of cultural labour becoming increasingly precarious, the Black Swan DAO model is a response which enables practitioners to collectively manage resources. Penny details her experiences with the Black Swan DAO and other Web3 initiatives she has worked on. The Black Swan DAO serves as a fascinating case study of applying Web3 principles and technology to bring positive change in the cultural and creative sector.

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