Muneeb Ali - Trust in a post-truth world

Muneeb Ali


From The Conference September 08, 2017

"The future of Internet is decentralized."

In this his session, Muneeb Ali, founder of Blockstack, focus on issues that stems from when a few set of companies has conquered our digital lives. The inevitable consequence of this is that we blindly have to trust companies at which the platforms and services our communication is taking place at. To put it more frankly and dramatic; the internet is owned, the platforms are our prisons and with that our digital freedom is a distant faded memory.

But what if we could reverse this? What if we could re-structure the digital so that it’s becoming more alike the physical world which follows property rights and privacy policies? With the current state of the digital world as backdrop, Muneeb presents how a new digital infrastructure has the potential to set us free.

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