Mikkel Malmberg – Get together with Web3

Mikkel Malmberg

Independent Builder

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“With decentralised blockchains we get this thing back that we can actually own things on the internet - and I think that’s pretty neat.”

If you’re at an early stage of learning about Web3, Mikkel Malmberg’s talk provides the perfect introduction. He recounts his initial contact with Web3 and how he started off being sceptical of the space. His talk takes us on a journey of his experiences and experiments in Web3. Mikkel charts the progression from Web1, to Web2, and then discusses the differences and new possibilities emerging with Web3. He touches on topics like smart contracts, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and different types of blockchains. Mikkel also highlights the importance of community within Web3 and explores how the way people share their identity online is shifting with blockchain technology. His attitude towards Web3 has become more positive and optimistic over time and he has created several successful projects in the space which he also presents during his talk.

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