Matt Webb – How to use a computer

Matt Webb

Writer and Product Head

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“Search is not a query. It’s always a conversation. You’re not building a search engine - you’re building a tool for users to embark on a knowledge quest.”

Matt Webb explores how different types of common search mechanisms online work and the type of results they return. He goes through a history of more analogue search systems to give context to the search algorithms we all use today. Matt frames search as not being a query but rather a conversation where people are using the search tool to embark on a knowledge quest. In doing so, he reveals the limitations of popular search tools and the silos they keep us in. 

He has explored different ways of making search and aggregation tools work for himself in slightly different ways. By creating his own systems, he is able to come across new information before it gets to the point of trending or being recommended by an algorithm. Matt closes by sharing some ideas for how we could each build our own systems to find the information we’re truly seeking.

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