Grace Boyle – Spatial Computing

Grace Boyle

The Feelies

From The Conference August 29, 2022

“There are challenges when you’re trying to work in a multisensory medium in that the tools and the frameworks for this don’t really exist so we’ve had to create a lot of them ourselves along the way.”

Grace Boyle explains the vast myriad of senses that humans possess beyond the ‘big five senses’. She speaks about the concept of embodied cognition, whereby the human body and not only the brain is involved in our perceptions and thought processes. She goes on to explore digital realities created using spatial computing. Currently, these largely focus on visual and, to a lesser extent, auditory forms of communication. As a result, we are omitting lines of communication that are critical for things like learning, remembering, and forming value judgments based on how we feel. The Feelies' studio aims to produce narratives that engage the viewer's senses on a deeper level. Grace shares her explorations into creating more multisensory experiences and the range of benefits these experiences bring.

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