Ewa Westermark – Being well – body and place

Ewa Westermark


From The Conference August 29, 2022

 “Spaces change people's behaviour.” 

Urban Misery or Urban Joy - a matter of place

The context we find ourselves in influences us as human beings. It influences our choices. It influences how we feel. We are humans that are sensitive beings and social animals. Meeting other people is the essence of the city. How can the environment help us get out and meet other people rather than hinder us? And how is urban joy a matter of the everyday place? 

Ewa Westermark explores what it is like to be in a city today, discussing the difference between urban misery and urban joy. What she found is that “Spaces change people's behaviours.” Trying out temporarily removing cars and traffic from the city streets she is showing us how we can bring back life to our cities. Ewa shares examples of changing the urban space and ultimately culture to foster social connection and wellbeing and demonstrates how rebuilding the city centre of Christchurch after the 2014 earthquake could be done by tapping into people’s memories and dreams to make the place better than it was.

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