Caroline Jack - Trust In a Post-Truth World

Caroline Jack

Data & Society

From The Conference September 04, 2017

"Shorthand news are not only about the content but also about the context."

In this session, Caroline Jack, a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Data & Society Research Institute, tells us that fakes news is not merely about if the reporting of facts is entirely true or false. Actually, propaganda can help us to better understand fake news, and how it’s common denominator is about sending a strong message and the similar concerns that’s historically been raised. However, both propaganda and fake news are shorthand words that implies something much more significant than just misleading or utter false reporting. 

What Caroline's sessions highlights is that the trouble in media isn’t just media problems, they’re societal problems. Fake news as a shorthand word can therefore be useful, but also pretty limiting while talking about fake news and the problems it speaks of and brings

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