Amy Adele Hasinoff - Trust In a Post-Truth World

Amy Adele Hasinoff

University of Colorado

From The Conference September 04, 2017

"If you design for consent in the long term you have users more likely to stick around, if you give them control of consent you will build trust."

To send an image or message of sexual nature, which goes under the name ”Sexting”, has been widely debated and accompanied by a rather extensive public panic. It’s the fear of having that kind of extremely private content publicly distributed as an unwanted consequence that’s of concern.

The most established suggestion by the public and authorities to solve this problem is simply to ”stop texting”. However, Amy Adele Hasinoff sets out to show the futileness of precisely that. She chooses to focus on the question of how we could control information, and if design can help us prevent the harmful use and misfortunes sexting can result in. It all comes down to the concept of consent, which would make us have to rethink our social media structure entirely. Digital communication and content distribution shouldn’t be as frictionless as it currently is, and better design is needed to improve privacy in the digital sphere.

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