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Adrian Hon

Six to Start

From The Conference August 29, 2022

Consider an object near you right now. How big is it? How does it feel? Who made the object? How are people using it in unexpected ways? How does it end? Are you up for trying another experiment? Write about the object. Writing about objects forces you to be specific - it makes you think about a specific place, time, people and context of its use, thus it makes  you think about the past, present and future of this object.

A History of the Future in 100 Objects is a fictitious novel set in the year 2100 that introduced 100 objects. By looking back, it describes our present and possible near future. A BBC series inspired Adrian Hon, CEO and Co-Founder of Six to Start, to write the novel.

Adrian urges you to be specific when you learn about things. Consider its materiality and qualities like size, weight and comfort when using it. Also other aspects like who physically made this object and how people are using it in unexpected ways. But why 100 objects?

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