Gabo Arora - Getting real with virtual reality

Gabo Arora

United Nations VR

From The Conference August 17, 2016

”What is one person's horror is another person's revenge”

Can we change people’s minds and make them act for humans in crisis with the help of new technologies?

Gabo Arora from UN’s VR department believes so but you have to take a different approach than traditional mediums. VR creates opportunities for this but for people to act you need to make them feel empathy. It doesn’t work to just show people pain and suffering, because it doesn’t give you the chance to fantasize. Fantasizing is part of feeling greater empathy and that is why Gabo find ways to integrate more chances to fantasize for the user and he’s doing it through real storytelling in VR, not just pictures of pain and suffering, but with real people and real problems.

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