Samim A. Winiger - Generative Design

Samim A Winiger


From The Conference August 16, 2016

”Generative A.I. systems are making a wide range of creative skills more accessible. Radically more accessible.”

Creative.AI co-founder Samim A Winiger gives a quick introduction to creativity in relation to machine learning and AI. Today it is possible to generate virtual worlds with billions of unique planets. But how do we think about creativity and how do we build systems for it? 

One example Samim gives is a music mood agent he worked on for a contemporary band. It produced 10,000 potential songs - not to circumvent the creative process but to spark inspiration. Samim believes these kinds of tools can potentially democratize style in the future. Highly complex creative arts such as font design, photography or manga can be generated automatically. Unique skills could be made more accessible through generative design.

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