David Eriksson - Getting real with virtual reality

David Eriksson

North Kingdom

From The Conference August 17, 2016

”VR is one of the six technology innovation accelerators that will transform the way we live, the way we play, the way we communicate”

The notion that VR could make humans evolve into something better is not uncommon. But have we seen the peak of VR already? As a business revolving around VR this is a completely legitimate question because no one really knows how VR will play out, how we’ll profit from it. Mass adoption is still far away. So as a business where should you place your bets?

David Eriksson speaks about VR with a business perspective. He means to make VR meaningful as a tool for businesses and humans we need to create experiences that people want rather than just making people wanting experiences. So when creating VR experiences we have to design for humans, not features.

Length 15:38
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