August 19, 2015 09:47
August 18, 2015

To open The Conference 2015 we’ve invited the French designer Aral Balkan to address the question of privacy online. 

Aral is currently working on coding the core of the platform, a distributed social network called Heartbeat.

In his 25 minute talk Aral will show how fundamental freedoms, human rights, and democracy may be at stake and why there’s a need to create independent consumer technologies that don’t spy on you.

In this keynote presentation, Director of Research & Development, Warren Kronberger and Brian Torbik, Marketing & Communications Specialist will be showcasing emerging technologies and sensory marketing.  Hands on crowd experience of leading edge technologies defines key tenets of making new technology work in marketing.
Live demos of prototypes/experiential tech – this session brings together physical and digital to harness sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

August 19, 2015

Fighting for the right to be ruled by machines, a look at a possible future #theconf

Continuing day two with Robots, Humans and Artificial Intelligence

French designer Aral Balkan to address the question of privacy online.

"There are no such things as a cloud, only other peoples computers." #theconf

Finally tuesday! Welcome over and get your badge, say hi to our happy volounteers and grab a coffee with MailChimp. Looking forward to meet you all! #theconf


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