Q&A - Making Sense of New Technologies

Q&A - Making Sense of New Technologies

From The Conference August 20, 2014

We constantly hear about promises of new technologies. Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about the internet of things, wearable devices and big data. Sometimes these technological improvements go silent and sometimes a long time passes before they are being adopted by the majority of people.

Often it’s the lack of good interfaces and design that is the main obstacle to come over to get new technologies off the ground. This is a big opportunity for companies that can figure it out.

This session is about how we approach new technologies from a design and communication perspective. It ties in well with the one on paying attention and solving real world problems from day 1.

Ivan Poupyrev, Technical Program Lead, Google ATAP
An award-winning scientist, inventor and designer working at the cutting edge of interaction technologies blending digital and physical realities.

Clara Gaggero Westaway, Designer, Special Projects
Clara will share her journey in pursuing the perfect balance of analogue and digital.


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