Michael Krona - Extremist communication

Michael Krona

Malmö University

From The Conference August 16, 2016

”The Islamic State are more pragmatic than previous groups”

Extremist Groups are growing. Terror attacks are taking place all over the world, spreading a fear that is changing our society. Extremist groups have proven the effectivity and success of their marketing and recruitment techniques many times over, using tools that we know well.

Michael Krona, Senior lecturer and researcher at Malmö University, has spent the last two years researching the propaganda of the terror organization ISIS. He explains the two main stories being told by ISIS through their propaganda; the story of a well functioning, harmonic caliphate, depicting peaceful social life and playing children, and the heroism of being a fighter, glorifying the role of the militant soldier. The narration of extreme violence that our mainstream media channels frequently report about is only 3 % of the propaganda ISIS is transmitting online.

In order to counter this type of propaganda, he argues that more interdisciplinary research is needed and that a deeper understanding of the people being affected by the propaganda is key.

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