Maya Weinstein - Artificial Intelligence in Services

Maya Weinstein

IBM Watson

From The Conference August 16, 2016

”Finding oncology treatment options for specific genetic mutations can take weeks. Watson made a diagnosis in minutes”

What difference is AI actually doing in the world today? Back in 2011, IBM’s Watson won American game show Jeopardy but a lot has happened since then. Through integration with robotics, unique products like Cognitoys’ friendly dinosaur have been created. With the open API, new services based on Watson are developed continuously. 

Maya shows examples from industries as diverse as healthcare, fashion and education. The natural language processing algorithms used by Watson makes it very versatile, and ideal for software and robotics integration. During the talk you’ll hear Maya’s robot Nao tell the Conference attendees where to eat during their visit, but the same technology can also help to save lives in cancer treatment.