Marcela Sapone - Being an empathetic company

Marcela Sapone


From The Conference August 17, 2016

”What’s your formula? Make it stupidly simple so you will dream about it”

Marcela Sapone is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hello Alfred who has built a business model based on empathy. In the "Being an empathic company session" she talked about how to generate maximum value for your customers, employees and yourself.

Hello Alfred is a part service technology company who have managers visiting their customers to take care of things for them on their behalf so that they can make the most meaningful use of their time. Hello Alfred been described as “a fixer for your life”. The trust between company and customer is so strong that Marcela states that they’re the only company in the world who have the key to its customer’s home. In order to achieve this relationship between company and customer you must be able to master what it is that you do and in a ridiculously clear way communicate it to the public. In other words, what you do is compounded by how you do it. Marcela talk us through five things on her journey with Hello Alfred that she learned by having empathy as one of the company’s cornerstone.

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