Deborah Harrison - Artificial Intelligence in Services

Deborah Harrison

Microsoft Cortana

From The Conference August 16, 2016

”Familiarity breeds comfort”

Deborah is a writer working with Microsoft’s Cortana AI, meant for common platforms like smartphones and computers. Although it has to work with many different kinds of people and language, personality is incredibly important.

Cortana has been fed only with questions written by Deborah and her team, ensuring a positive and trustful personality that is aware of being an AI. Deborah describes it as a loyal and seasoned personal assistant, and talks about how to deal with - among other things - aggression, politics and sexy talk.

The right personality assures familiarity and trust, and the accurate brand story being told. Working with AI personality, Deborah says, you’ll get to shape the standards of the future, for a business that is still in its infancy.