Bjarke Myrthu - Life after the printing press

Bjarke Myrthu


From The Conference August 19, 2015

”The new campfire is this amazing grid created by little pieces that all merge together to our own individual stories.”

Bjarke Myrthu is CEO & founder of BLIND SPOT an interactive storytelling app for social media. In this talk he takes on a storytelling perspective and speaks about life after the printing press and how it’s changing the way we socialize, the way you work and the way you learn.

There is a fundamental change in the way that we tell stories and that change is due to the growing use of social media. The history behind storytelling began as a linear process with stories being told in front of a campfire as a social activity. Today storytelling online involve collective stories that humans share with each other and pass around the Internet. Time and space is no longer a limit for communication to flourish.

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