Vincent Bahar – Transendence

Vincent Bahar


From The Conference August 28, 2019

Poet, composer and musician Vincent Bahar has quickly made a name for herself at the cultural stages in south of Sweden and Copenhagen. With a combination of experimental drones, Persian instruments and timeless spoken poetry, she lets you into her very own universe and opens the door to an undiscovered, transcendent space. Earlier this year Inkonst described her performance as: “Rolling Persian rhythms that carry hypnotic flows of words and electronics. Intonal quality, no less!”

Vincent plays the 6,000 year old frame drum called Daf that carries mystical mantras dating back to the Sassanian Empire. Right now she is working on an immersive Virtual Reality healing experience that centres around the rhythm of Daf to help people come back to their very own pulse and come back to themselves.

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