Victoria Percovich Gutierrez & Åsa Bjerndell – All we have is time

Victoria Percovich Gutierrez & Åsa Bjerndell

White Arkitekter

From The Conference September 07, 2018

"When eternity is your deadline – what values will end up in the center?"

Victoria Percovich Gutierrez, sustainability strategist with an MBA, and Åsa Bjerndell, lead architect and development manager, are part of the team at White Arkitekter that is working with "Råängen", a unique urban development project in the city of Lund, and its client Lund's Cathedral.

At The Conference, Victoria and Åsa talked about how Råängen is challenging both the traditional values of architecture, urban development and market economy, as well as explain how the classic models of success are normally achieved and created.

What values ​​are crystallized when eternity defines a project? And what purpose is given to the value of sustainability when the perspective of time goes beyond everything we know and rely on today?

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