August 19, 2015 15:56
August 18, 2015
August 19, 2015

Picking up the sessions in The Butchery with The Future of Work

First session on day two. First up Katherine Cross on How to end Online Harrasment

Roger Magoulas from O'Reilly Media continues the talk

Juliette Melton from The New York Times on stage talking about the Craft of Data

Rosie Von Lena discussing what it takes to create an atmosphere of invitation, inspiration, and innovation that compels individuals to engage.

Renata Salecl sharing words of wisdom "Choice and demoracy are related to freedom" #theconf

Petter Johansson tell us about choice blindness and self-knowledge

Clips from this event

QA with Latoya Peterson (Racialicious), Dragana Kaurin (Localization Lab) and Elena Pedrazzani...

”There are a lot more women becoming involved in the right wing online scene at the...

The QA for the "The Future of Work" session at The Conference 2015. Speakers: Nina Åkestam...