Q&A - Solving real world problems

Q&A - Solving real world problems

From The Conference August 19, 2014

Based on the sessions about what drives us as humans and how to pay attention to peoples’ behavior we are well equipped to take action. Let’s look into how we identify and solve real problems for real people.

When you have an idea it’s easy to be blinded by its (in your opinion) brilliance. A lot of products, campaigns and designs are created without anybody using it. That’s a waste. In this session you’ll gain new insights on how one company works to identify what problems users really have and how one futurist uses imagination to foresee future problems.

Paul Adams, VP of Product, Intercom

As one of the leading thinkers in social design and technology, Paul is going to talk about how to identify users problems.

Peter Siljerud, Futurist, Futurewise
Peter talk about tools and methods to anticipate future problems.

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