Q&A - Prototyping Everything

Q&A - Prototyping Everything

From The Conference August 19, 2014

We grow up exploring ourselves and our surroundings. We learn how to interact with the community we live in. In our early days it’s ok to ask a lot of questions and to learn by doing and failing. Somewhere along the way we become less inclined to play and test to learn how things work, and it seems like we are supposed to know everything about what we do (listen to a politician interviewed on telly). A lot of us forget that craft of testing our way forward.

But, there is a global maker movement that is all about trying things out and building prototypes to understand if an idea works and if there’s a market for it. In this session you will learn about how you can prototype everything from business models to technology.

Erik Thorstensson, Co-founder, Creatables
Erik is a mechanical engineer, serial entrepreneur and maker of things and was named maker of the year 2014 by Maker Fair.

Masakazu Takasu, Technical Evangelist, TeamLab
Masakazu will show how ingenious technology and art is made in Japan today.

Rob Fitzpatrick, Tech Entrepreneur and author, The Mom Test
Rob will talk about how to prototype your ideas by making people say what they really think about them before you put them into practice.


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