Q&A - Increasing the Longevity of Content

Q&A - Increasing the Longevity of Content

From The Conference August 19, 2014

Scott is going to share insights on how music is being consumed and what all content creators can learn from the change in new release tactics artists are pursuing.

Evan Sandhaus will talk about how The New York Times is working to utilize its vast archive in their daily news work.

David Gram, Marketing Director, Lego
David Gram will talk about how companies can breakout out of old habits to meet future challenges and disruptions in an agile, nimble and fast manner, minimizing risk and maximizing learning.

When user behavior and distribution channels change, content creators strategies have to change as well. There has been a change in the media industries for a long time now. It’s been big and it’s a big challenge for media creators and owners to find ways to figure out new models.

It seems like longevity is increasingly important to what we create. This is a session on how we can create products that are valuable to people for a long time and what strategies to use to stay in fans’ and customers’ minds not only on the day of your big release.

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