Q&A - Brain, heart, gut - what drives us, really

Q&A - Brain, heart, gut - what drives us, really

From The Conference August 19, 2014

Only when we understand human properties are we able to communicate with humans properly and give ourselves the possibility to play on and with human behavior. Therefore we open The Conference with a session where a brain scientist, a psychologist and an expert in microbiota in the human gut will share their insights on what drives us as humans from their very different angles.

Daniel Margulies, Max Planck Institute
Daniel will present research into how spontaneous fluctuations in brain activity modulate how we experience the world around us.

Caroline Jönsson, Sport Psychologist
Caroline is taking on the hearts’ perspective and will talk about motivation and fear.

Elaine Hsiao, Senior Research Fellow, Caltech
Senior Research Fellow in the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, where she leads a research laboratory studying how the microbiota impact health and disease.


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