Pernilla Glaser – Heart Matters

Pernilla Glaser

Salong Krångel, Academy of Dramatic Art, FutureMaking Academy

From The Conference September 01, 2023

“We all start out as artists”, Pernilla Glaser explains. After all, most of us know how the snow eaten from a mitten tastes. We started out as open for experimentation, doing weird things, feeling and exploring the world and the relationships around us. Pernilla invites us to find ways back into this state, and to put more attention to our heart and not just our brain. The best way of hosting a playdate between the heart and brain is by actually inviting more play into our lives and reminding ourselves that we are always part of a web of relationships.

Play can help us imagine and actualise a different world, “a world you can imagine is reality halfway there.” Sure, our current society is not particularly great in supporting us in doing weird, playful and loving things but Pernilla explains that play can create reality. “Matters of the heart can take us to the heart of the matter”, meaning that if we can let our heart support and guide us through the challenges of the polycrisis we find ourselves in, we will  be better equipped to manage the many webs of messy, difficult and complex relations we are intertwined with.

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