Nicole He – Say my name, say my name

Nicole He

Artist & programmer

From The Conference August 28, 2019

"Voice technology is the gap between what AI actually is and what people believe it is"

Nicole He is an artist and programmer who use technology for creative work, combined with an interest in current technology of AI and the character of AI. Voice technology could be seen as the gap between the real AI and the AI character in our imagination. The cutting edge tech is created for things that can make money, but that shouldn’t stop us from using them to make art. In different creative projects Nicole has incorporated voice technology, such as the” True Love Tinder Robot”, the “Secret Dunny Box” and “Garden Friends”. They all have in common that we can interact with the technology in different ways and it creates different feelings and experiences. However - according to Nicole voice technology is not perfect yet. There’s a difference in how we think it should work and how it actually works. It’s interesting now and we don’t have to wait for the AI to be perfect to use it, there’s room to make great things with it. 

Length 15:15
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