Nick Hasty – Inferring Creativity

Nick Hasty


From The Conference September 01, 2023

Examining the creativity of generative artificial intelligence tools brings up interesting parallels with human cognition. Just as AI systems predict and fill gaps, our brains do so too, drawing from a wide range of learned behaviours, experiences and beliefs. Both entities heavily rely on their training data: AI on diverse datasets, humans on factors like personal histories, culture and upbringing.

Of course, creativity is not only a generative optimisation tool developed by our homo-sapien ancestors in order to survive. The frictions and surprises that occur in the creative process provide valuable data for better informing our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Nick uses the metaphor of a therapist to reframe the potentials of human-AI collaboration. Just as a therapist does, these tools can help humans to unpack, twist and turn concepts to aid better understanding and make meaningful breakthroughs. The results are often new and surprising (the essence of what creativity is all about.)

Nick ends with some hopeful predictions for creative expression and that it can lead to more creative, inspired and poetic results. Ultimately, AI can help us to better learn what it means to be human.

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