Michael Slaby – On the Possibility of a Utopi-Yin Path Forward

Michael Slaby

Avens, Harmony Labs

From The Conference August 31, 2023

What if the cracks in our social and civic institutions are not signs of collapse but the first signs of transformation? Let’s face it: We’ve been living in an overly masculine society focused on dominion, growth, labour as a source of dignity, achievement as our basis of meaning and productivity as our key to purpose. But it’s a tale as old as humankind — and one we’ve put on to ourselves as a survival mechanism. Now, it’s on us to stop being at odds with nature. It’s a role that no longer serves us as it keeps snapping back at us like a rubber band with anxiety and loneliness.

Michael Slaby explores Ursula K. Le Guin's path of Utopiyin and Utopiyang as a way out. A new balance requires us to choose more feminine wisdom and leadership for now. Better yet, if we forgive ourselves for our estrangement and move ourselves back into nature’s systems, we can embrace the world through a lens of openness and connectedness. And that’s what being human is all about — isn’t it?

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