Ledama Masidza – Weaving a Tapestry of Community for Ecological Care | The Conference 2023]

Ledama Masidza

Oceans Alive

From The Conference September 01, 2023

“We can only manage what we know.”

Ubuntu is a concept that embraces the interconnectedness between all living things. No one is independent of the fact that our existence is directly dependent on the care between human and nonhuman communities. Ledama shared a story of hope, the case of Kuruwitu, a fishing community in Kenya that managed to heal itself from impacts of overfishing, coral bleaching and climate change. They did this through collaborative care, and harnessing the collective intelligence of their community.

Ledama mentioned some key success factors that led to Kuruwitu healing the devastation of marine life they had experienced, one of which was knowing the community. Understanding who lives there, allowing everyone to contribute, and harnessing the knowledge of their shared environment. Opening a dialogue with marine ecology through ocean data as well as having a sensitive understanding of the incentive models of the human community in Kuruwitu created caring approaches for both. Holistic solutions require collective intelligence, which in turn requires multiple experiences to be heard. 

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