Kristoffer Ørum – Even Images That You Know To Be False Affect You

Kristoffer Ørum


From The Conference September 01, 2023

Kristoffer Ørum finds satisfaction in taking a particular technology that is meant for something else and misusing it. In his current unfinished Instagram project that unfolds over time, the artist uses AI to create a version of history. The generated pictures combine 90s hip-hop culture, the Danish worker movement, fishermen's culture, and the health care system. But the more you look at it, the more you notice its imperfections. That is Kristoffer’s way of imagining and reimagining the past. Why? Because any discussion of the past is a discussion of the future.

We need to rediscover our own imagination. Kristoffer criticises the lack of imaginary futures and our incapability to get out of the future narratives dictated by tech giants. Also, the “horrible shitshow” that is social media, where we constantly get bombarded with fake and manipulated images, contributes to that problem. So he hopes that with projects like his that play with past, future, and (re)imagination, we can regain the power to imagine futures not defined by tech monopolies.

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