Kader Bagli – Bringing Nuanced Futures to Life

Kader Bagli

RISE Visual Effects Studio

From The Conference September 01, 2023

“We all deserve to be seen in visual languages. We already have the tool, now it’s about taking action”

Could merging VFX and AI create a fully represented world? Kader Bagli certainly thinks so. Working at the intersection of creativity, imagination and technology, she is exposed to a lack of diversity on a daily basis. Our current visual storytelling landscape doesn’t celebrate cultural diversity across all layers of society – we are good at marginalising groups instead of normalizing them. But the good news is: we already have the tools to change that; we just need to put it into action to unstuck ourselves. 

With AI putting a halt to our lack of imagination and VFX offering storytellers new perspectives, the future looks hopeful. Because we all deserve to be seen — on screen and off — with dignity, humanity and no judgment. So, what are we waiting for if that’s what it takes to change our visual language to a more inclusive one?

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