Johanna Koljonen – Opening Remarks

Johanna Koljonen

From The Conference September 01, 2023

Returning moderator extraordinaire, Johanna Koljonen, opens The Conference 2023 and extends a warm welcome to the participants. She begins with a reflection on the personal financial situation that many of us have faced due to last year's economic turmoil. She states, "Working in this economy, we're facing a lot of pressure that we previously have not experienced," and connects environmental threats, financial anxiety, and the unease of social securities, all leading us to a state of prolonged worry.

However, Johanna acknowledges that even as a "constant worrier," there comes a point when there isn't enough time to worry. She continues, emphasizing that even if we reach a state of "compassion fatigue," we must never let it turn into "solidarity fatigue." We can just hope that these anxieties and fears remain unexploited by dark interests as she reminds us that even though we may need to put on our oxygen masks first in case of an emergency, we still have the power to act and help others. It is in times like these we need the practical work of change, which, in turn, is the practical work of hope. Perhaps you'll find something of it at The Conference.

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