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Jenny Grettve

Anon, When!When!

From The Conference August 31, 2023

With severe catastrophes happening around us constantly - ecologically, economically, as well as socially - we tend to feel hopeless. But hopelessness is for the privileged. Our fear makes us hold on to things we already know instead of pursuing new things. We feel lost and want to think that crisis happens elsewhere - climate change does not affect me or my loved ones. But it actually does: When climate injustice happens somewhere, it happens everywhere. And as human beings, we have to act on it.

For Jenny Grettve, the answer is kindness. Addressing problems caused by selfishness, like the climate crisis, calls for a philosophical and psychological approach. As human beings we need to be genuinely caring, always and everywhere, to create a supply chain of kindness. And we need to pursue a more feminist, matriarchy-based way of thinking in the economy. But how can we implement more kindness in our daily lives? And how can we pursue a more circular economy that is not based on hierarchies, domination, power, and wealth, but perceives everyone to be equally important? Let’s create the butterfly effect of kindness!

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