Dr. Eduardo Castello Ferrer – Blockchain, Robotics and Economic Autonomy

Dr. Eduardo Castello Ferrer


From The Conference September 01, 2023

Have you ever met a self-employed autonomous robot artist? Introducing Gaka-chu ("painter" in Japanese), a 6-axis robot arm that creates artistic paintings of Japanese characters. While robots have historically been treated as labour, Gaka-chu explores the concept of claiming agency and economic autonomy using blockchain-based smart contracts. 

So, can robots actually maintain themselves? And if so, what implications do these economically autonomous robots have? Eduardo argues that instead of treating robots like tools, they have the potential to become peers. At the same time, robots, like Gaka-chu, now have access to economic resources without being part of traditional business entities. Would you acquire a piece from Gaka-chu and hang it on your wall?

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