Curiositi – Ready



From The Conference August 28, 2019

Curiositi is the musical project of Matilda Berggren and Emil Johansson. Being veterans of the swedish electro/indie-scene the couple met while touring italy with their respective bands in 2007 but took up writing and producing together in 2016 when Johansson put his old project Parker Lewis to rest. Since Curiositis first release the act has slowly built a reputation for being next level producers and writers, making heavily R&B-influenced pop music echoing of soft rock, quiet storm and even new jack swing. The debut album Skin Love came out through the band’s own Inertial Recordings in March 2019, celebrated by the band through an exhibition and gesamtkunstwerk at art space Makeriet in their native Malmö. Instead of a release party, Curiositi collaborated with performance artist Daniel Kokko, artist Lisa Peterson, graphic designer Ivar Lantz and various fragrance artists and distillers to create an all round experience of the themes of Skin Love. This event also marked the premiere for Curiositi’s silent live shows. A concept where the band perform their music in a storefront window to bypassers who are able to listen through headphones on the other side of the storefront window. Curiositi is currently doing finishing touches on their sophomore album Kenoma, slated for release early 2020. The first single Accidie was released early summer 2019 and was by far the smallest act to be featured on the Spotify playlist New Music Friday Sweden

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