Charlotte Högberg - The Doctor is In: Assistive Intelligence in Healthcare

Charlotte Högberg

Lund University

From The Conference September 01, 2023

How can AI be used for the common good or more precisely in healthcare? Charlotte’s work explores what futures are possible and desirable but also what we are at risk of losing. AI's role in healthcare can have harmful effects but also huge potential benefits. She emphasises the need to raise vital questions and consider consequences. Awareness of nuances, understanding risks and avoiding unethical technology is key because this touches upon high stake decisions (literally about life and death).  

“We need to be in the often uncomfortable spaces in between - at least for a while”

Constant critical engagement and trust calibration is needed because there are no quick fixes for these new emerging issues - for example how much can we augment until humans are only operators - and is this something we want to strive towards?

She closes her talk with a both hopeful and cautious remark. She advocates daring to dream of AI-specialist collaboration, while maintaining agency, responsible exchange and upholding medical ethics and common goals.

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