Audrey Tang – Alignment Assemblies and Collective Intelligence

Audrey Tang

Minister of Digital Affairs, Taiwan

From The Conference August 31, 2023

With the nuclear bombs detonating in 1945, Pandora’s box was unlocked. For Audrey Tang, Minister of Digital Affairs in Taiwan, Artificial Intelligence represents another box of Pandora that challenges us to think about how we can avoid the pitfalls for society and achieve collective global action. We as a society have a choice: Are we going to tumble into the abyss of abuse, manipulation, threat, cyber attacks, and deep fake, or are we going to embrace shared values, democracy, and global AI cooperation?

Global AI governance, as pursued and advocated for by Audrey Tang and Taiwan, builds on consensus and public participation in policy-making, recognizing the role of AI for good purposes. Alignment Assemblies, a pilot project of the Collective Intelligence Project, aims to sync technologies with societal values and wants to reduce the fear of AI through a participant-guided conversation about needs, preferences, hopes, and fears. In this aspect, open source and Alignment Assemblies are powerful catalysts for bolstering societal understanding. This is why Audrey Tang calls for all hands on deck to solve the Gordian Knot that is AI in order to free the future of it.

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