Andrea Jones-Rooy – Under measure – measuring what matters

Dr. Andrea Jones-Rooy

New York University

From The Conference August 28, 2019

"Measurement is the beautiful act when humans get involved and take facts to data"

At The Conference 2019, Data science professor Dr. Andrea Jones-Rooy (NYU), talked about the pitfalls to be mindful of when working with data. Andrea explained the dangers of just scratching the surface of the data and how important it is to look beyond. We should look at the data as subjective because if we look at the data with an expectation of answers, we will find them and miss out on everything else. Instead, Dr. Andra Jones-Rooy wants us to start with the question. E.g. Why are women leaving the company? Why are they more unlikely to have higher positions? By asking questions, maybe we someday can point out a good measurement for diversity. What are the inputs and outputs and how do you create diversity?

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