Alina Bliumis – Most of us are

Alina Bliumis


From The Conference August 28, 2019

Who is the every day person? What is your identity? And more importantly, is there such a thing? A while ago, Alina Bliumis went out on a mission to find the answer. She searched the web and after diving into big chunks of data she found out that most of us are 28 years old, have black hair and brown eyes. She also found out that most people don't believe in global warming and that most of us owns a bed and a smartphone. By analyzing the numbers, we would now believe that we have the answer to the question of how a every day person looks and act like, but be aware. Alina Bliumis warns us that in reality this might look a bit different. “It seems unlikely that all metrics reflects the true reality” she says.

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