August 19, 2015 13:57
August 18, 2015
August 19, 2015

Picking up the speed in The Bar with a session on Speed and Timing

We are back with the first session on day two. First up session on Finding and Using Stories

Andie Nordgren From CCP Games continues the session on Knowledge as a Product

Farrah Bostic from The Difference Engine on stage for the Knowledge as a Product session

Laura Michelle Berman, The co-founder and COO of Melon Headband

Mads Wilson on why it’s important to develop cheap access to space.

Live from The Bar

Clips from this event

”Never before has debt become a systemic part of the economy - it's a system working to...

QA with Fernanda Saboia (Huge inc) Martin Hoffman (ConvJournalism) Moderator: Paulina Modlitba...

QA with Maya Weinstein (IBM Watson) and Deborah Harrison (Microsoft Cortana) Moderator: Paulina...

QA with Guy Standing (University of London) and Sha Hwang (Nava) about humans, labour and...