Monika Bielskyte - Protopia vs TESCREAL Visions of Tech Rapture

Monika Bielskyte

Founder-Protopia Futures, Speculative Designer, Futurist

From The Conference September 01, 2023

In what kind of future would you like to live? Blade Runner or Black Panther?

For too long, our futures have been determined by immature science fiction imaginaries still stuck in the mid to late 20th century. Their utopian and dystopian binaries now provide fertile inspiration for police-state-aesthetic VC pitch decks and a cluster of ideologies known as TESCREAL: Transhumanism, Extropianism, Singularitarianism, Cosmism, Rationalism, Effective Altruism, and Longtermism. Moreover, many of these past narratives have not recognised the richness and diversity of knowledge, experiences and worldviews. 

"Those who control the fantasy, control the future."

Monika Bielskyte identifies the cost of such grand visions, whose utopianism has historically had its roots in exclusionary and eugenic principles. For a more positive and productive way of seeing the future, Monika’s vision of Protopia is radically hopeful and inclusive. Protopia is grounded in plurality, interdependence, embodiment, biosphere regeneration, creative flourishment, spiritual fulfillment, and evolved values. By including the voices of those that have been purposefully previously erased, Protopia changes the nature of leadership and creates the possibility for interesting things to happen. Monika ends on a hopeful note: 
“Different worlds have existed, and they could exist again”

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