Matt Novak - Thinking 100 Years Ahead

Matt Novak


From The Conference August 22, 2013

"In the struggles of the past, we find the better future"

Gizmodo journalist Matt Novak delivers an intriguing speech about the history of tomorrow. Analyzing past visions of the future can tell us a lot about different generations hopes and fears. There is this romantic notion that the future used to be better and that the future ahead is not as bright as in the 1950's Space Age.  But fact is, the technical evolution the last century did not just happen out of nowhere. This speech will leave you feeling a bit puzzled but yet optimistic. 

Matt Novak writes about past visions of the future for Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog. He started the Paleofuture blog independently in 2007 as a way to explore how the people of yesterday imagined the future.

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